torsdag 16 september 2010

Morro and Jasp goes puberty, Wow show, Send in the Angels

Morro & Jasp do puberty

When I see "five stars!!!!" and "award winning!!!" in print, it immediately makes me prejudiced.
But I was happily surprised with this show. Morro & Jasp Do Puberty was really a well directed show where two totally different characters go on a journey that every girl has to go through once in her life time. For some girls problems are solved so easily, as we could see, and for others every little move becomes a huge struggle.
I don´t know what the reaction has been for a teenage audience, but for me, recalling my puberty 45 years ago, everything now looks hilarious and it gave me a good laugh.

Wow Show

A charming guy has arrived in the city!
This was announced as a family show and it was indeed!
I can imagine a lot of interaction going on between Enzo Clown and his audience when he is performing for 4-7 year old kids. In this case he had to handle a tough 1-3 year old audience of 6 along with parents and a handful of festival attendees.
He started with an idea of a to do list. It was simple and it worked out great.
Vince, as Enzo Clown, is a technically talented and hilarious artist who uses various props while cleaning up the mess on a plastic tarp. He is wonderfully engaging and responsive to his audience.
Small kids can be so demanding and surprizing, but Enzo Clown managed every moment in a sensitive and professional way. He found the little princess and her prince cousin in a sweet way, and when the princess became tired he kindly brought her back to "mother Queen", and used only the flowered head band to mark her presense.
I enjoyed this interactive pearl!

Send in the Angels

Good to see some European stuff here at the Clown Festival! It was very different from anything I have seen here or elsewhere.  It was a peaceful, warm and funny show. They are clown angels on earth making real contact with us. It moved me to tears.

onsdag 15 september 2010

Ferdinand the magnificent, Circus Luna, Clowns with Gowns

Ferdinand the Magnificent

I enjoyed the first five minutes while the character interacted with the audience. But then, what happened after that?
I couldn`t tell if he was trying to be innocent or not, but for me he was more of a weirdo in a bright  pink body suit  wearing diapers. When he digs his props out from the depths of his diapers over an over again it´s not funny at all, it´s only disgusting.

When the third song started I was hoping it was a send up and that he was just playing with us...
Please don`t sing more than one song - kill your darlings.

Circus Luna

I have seen this group perform before and I really enjoyd theír work, so my expectations were high!!!
Sorry to say, I did not get it at all. Were they making fun of fools??
I´m not sure if this kind of a show belongs in a clown festival. I`m so confused!!!!
Maybe it´s so simple that it`s funny for kids? The night I saw it, one small child laughed like crazy, which made it easier for us in the audience, because we could laugh at him.
Or was this show meant to confuse me?

Clowns with Gowns

They spoiled the brilliant beginning of the show by having someone totally unconnected bring them on stage in suitcases instead of already being in place when the audience entered. There was a moment of such potential when the hand first appeared  but skipped right past it and went on with the show.
They didn´t give birth to anything on stage. It was all forced and and highly choreographed and the story just wasn´t clear.
Don´t act funny, be funny. Breathe! And make sure you know your audience is there!

lördag 11 september 2010

Diz and Izzy Aster-Vaudevillle`s late Bloomers

What a charming couple on stage, I love the athmosphere around them!

I had a feeling that this night wasn`t the best night for them at The Brick. It was a shame that both of the air conditioners were not turned off because they really interfeared with the intimacy of the show.

What was the story? I didn`t really get it.

We see the beginning of a story between two characters but it never develops. We keep getting hints of what´s going on in the relationship and we want more.

The performers are charming, the music is wonderful, and the comedy is very skilled.

This is a show I would love to see again, it feels like a good beginning.

tisdag 7 september 2010

Perhaps, perhaps, Quizás...

We have all seen classic comic acts with a bride on stage,
I have even directed one.

What makes it so funny over and over again?

Yesterday at the Brick, Gabriela Munoz enchanted us from the very first moment while eating a piece of creamy cake and strawberrys. It was real, moving, touching and so funny!!!

I loved her energy and expressive face, and how she handled the guy she chose from the audience!

Wow, Gabriela you really surprised and delighted me!

Ms.Pretty Smart: Secret Agent!

I saw Olivia Hallie Lehrman perform a little silent act with music, as Ms Pretty Smart at the Wow Cafe the other night. She was pretty, smart and charming. It was so professional, simple and clean. I was so excited and I really looked forward seeing more of her at the Brick Theatre yesterday!!!!

Sorry to say, I was a bit disappointed.
When she was silent the piece worked beautifully, but when she started using her voice, you could see the lack of training as an actor an it disappeared and she failed to reach the audience. The audience stops breathing when the artist does this.
Too many stories are told at the same time on stage. Trust the strength of the simplicity I saw at the show at Wow Cafe!

That said, I loved the idea of the Chinese restaurant and the interactive part with the audience in the beginning was hilarious.

I´m sure a good director could easily solve these problems.

This show has such wonderful potential, I would love to see it again in one year!

lördag 4 september 2010

Day after Parade & Pie Fight

  Good morning clownfriends!

29 years ago, visiting New York my very first time as an actor student from Helsinki Theatre Academy, I had a feeling of a yearround "clownparade" going on in the city, atleast at Time Square!
Since that everything has been cleaned up a bit...not that many crazy outfits around...

But yesterday it happend at Union Square. Suddenly at 5pm lot of clowns appeared from nowhere, atleast (40?) of them, and at once people standing around showed their smiling faces and looked much happier than five minutes before. Magic!
A young man came to me and asked if I´m an professional, and before I answered he looked at me happy and said" I´m not...I´m an amateur... I just got my first red nose..", and walked smiling away.

And what a parade!! I loved the subway ride to Brooklyn with new born clown fans around!!
We made the day for many people in the subway.
It was simple, stupid, funny, crazy and noisy with all the clowns singing, playing and dancing!
Imagine a rush hour time Friday afternoon at Union Square subway! Wow!

The parade was so funny; with the two police cars, one in the front and one following the parade.
The combination of seeing these sirious policemen doing their job and the clown policemen supporting, was so relaxing and hilarious to watch.

I don´t know what I expected with the pie fight, but it was so well organized and safe to watch.(at lest for me in the audience)
I remember thinking why are people there in their costumes, and at some point I saw many almost undressed clowns smearing cream all over...

Thanks a lot, you made my day too.

I did not see the Opening Cabaret, had to go, still recovering from my jet-lag.

See you on Sunday friends!

Love Lil

fredag 3 september 2010

Kick off day for the Clown Theatre festival in New York!

Dear readers of my blog.
I arrived three days ago from Helsinki to New York and suring the days I have changed from finnish to swedish and finally to english, which I will from now use mostly during my 1 month visit here.  Please excuse my sometimes very bad english.
It`s an honor for me to be one of the official bloggers at the festival. Thanks Audrey!

Ready for a clown parade and a pie fight?
No I´m not, but trying hard to believe that this day will be an extra ordinary experince for me!!!
I got my red nose and lipstick a funny hat, teets and stupid props.
(I´m a shy Finn so I don´t wear things on me before I arrive to Union Square.)

Anyway, let´s have fun today!!!!!!!!!!!